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Pregnancy massage in the First Trimester

Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labour outcomes and newborn health.

Within the first trimester, the main aim is to relax the mother and to help her cope with all of the major changes and hormones in her body. At this stage, the mother may still be comfortable enough to lie on her tummy and on a massage table, but if not there are many ways to work around this and to find a position where the mother is going to be most comfortable.

During this transitional period, breathing techniques and visualisations can be used for the mother coming to terms with the changes in her body, which alongside gentle soothing music in a relaxing environment can help achieve deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

It is important through all stages of your pregnancy to do your pelvic floor exercises – the earlier you start to do them, the better it will be for you during and after your pregnancy – which is why they are often discussed alongside the massage by your therapist at this early stage.

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Pregnancy massage in the Second Trimester

Receiving regular massage and bodywork during the second trimester helps relieve pregnancy’s unique aches and pains caused by extra weight, changing structural alignment, and hormones, not to mention the demands of work, home and family. Taking the time to relax and release held tension ensures more energy and a greater sense of well-being throughout your pregnancy.

For pregnant women during their second trimester, soothing massage is an absolute essential. Mothers usually feel well and have more energy during the second trimester but aches and pains progressively increase as your baby grows. Massage promotes physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, decreasing tension, stress, anxiety and depression caused by pregnancy’s hormonal changes.

Massage is typically performed in the side-lying position using specialised cushions or pillows, working on one side of the body and then the other. This position is most comfortable and safe, and allows easy access to the hips, legs, back and arms.

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Pregnancy massage in the Third Trimester

Increased back and hip pain, swollen legs, restlessness, fatigue, and headaches are common, especially as the due date approaches. Massage during the third trimester relieves aches, pains and cramps in the hips, back and leg muscles, whilst also decreasing swelling in the arms and legs, as well as reducing stress levels and anxiety. There is also a focus on getting the mother comfortable and prepared for her for labour.

With regards to labour preparation, massage therapy relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles, thus helping to improve the outcome of labour by preparing the pelvis and hip muscles, reducing stress levels and increasing the confidence and knowledge of the mother before labour starts. Massage during labour by a trained therapist/doula is also very effective in facilitating labour and delivery with fewer complications and medical interventions.

Notably, as your baby grows and you approach your due date, your joints begin to loosen from the ‘relaxin’ hormone that prepares you for labour, but creates discomforts and feeling “loose” with movements. Third trimester massage sessions often includes the inclusion of stretching and an exercise plan to help prepare the pelvis and legs for labour and delivery.

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Postnatal massage

Continuing massage therapy after having your baby is strongly encouraged, allowing you to embrace motherhood with new energy.

Massage therapy after delivery helps with physical and emotional adjustments. It helps restore the body to its pre-pregnancy condition, re-establishes pelvis structural integrity, supports healthy lactation, reduces stress hormones, and facilitates healing of bladder disorders, post-episiotomy soreness, and C-section. Massage relieves neck, shoulder and back pain. After delivery, massage can speed up your recovery, releasing the stress of labour, encouraging structural realignment, abdominal restoration and relief from the strain of caring for your child.

When to Start Postnatal Massage

For mothers who delivered naturally or without complications, they can start their postnatal massage as soon as they are comfortable and ready. For caesarean delivery, it is best to wait for at least 2 weeks after giving birth or when the incision is properly healed before starting postnatal massage sessions.

During a postnatal massage session, you can nurse your baby while you receive massage in a side lying position. Bringing your baby with you eliminates the need for childcare and makes you feel less anxious about leaving your newborn. Postpartum massage is a great way to enhance your bonding experience and attachment to your baby.

To book a Pregnancy Massage, as well as claim £10 off your first treatment, please call the clinic or enter your details below. We look forward to meeting and working with you soon.


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