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Established in 2014, Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness are leading experts at working with people who are in pain, injured, unfit, unwell and inflexible. Boasting a team of 30 experts, whose main focus is helping people move better, feel better and live better, we are one of the Top Rated Physiotherapists in Sheffield, as well as recent winners of the Northern Sports Injury Clinic of the Year Award for 2019.

Fundamental to our success is the attitude and motivation of our staff who are deeply committed to providing our clients with exceptional standards of care. Towards this, we always look at the whole package, from lifestyle and stress levels, to fitness, posture and nutrition. We deliver long term solutions that really do improve your health and wellness.

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Hip Tips For Staying Healthy As We Age

Hip pain is a common occurrence as we age especially as it is a load bearing joint - joints like to be moving and need to maintain lubrication to have ease and comfort whilst moving. The best way to strengthen a load bearing joint is to load it! We can do this without...

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Physio Consultation?

With our nation just over a month into lockdown and with few signs that things will change any time soon, what can you do if you're struggling with pain or discomfort in your body? Well, we've been running online physio consultations for a while now and have asked one...

3 Glute Exercises To Incorporate In Isolation

Let’s not forget our glutes!! During our time of social isolation and social distancing, our normal activity routines will be sent into disarray. We might not be as mobile as we were before the lockdown began.  We are not running to and from work or racing around town...

Sheffield Half Marathon – Training Advice #3

Only 3½ weeks to go until race day! Now’s the time when our training really starts to pick up, as we battle the tough hill sessions taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back in this blasting wind!! It’s important in these final few weeks that we don’t over exert...

Sheffield Half Marathon – Training Advice #2

Just over 5 weeks to go till race day! How’s your training going? Please comment below on how you’re coping with increasing your mileage & hill work to get yourself race ready for the 29th! As you now know from our previous blogs, increasing your mileage brings...

Sheffield Half Marathon – Training Advice #1

7 weeks to go till the Sheffield Half Marathon ... sorry for reminding you! This blog focuses on: The importance of rest / cross train days Top tips to improve sleep for athlete recovery & performance How to safely increase your weekly running mileage An idea of...

Sheffield Half Marathon – Exciting News!

On this Sunday, the 2nd February... we are exactly 8 weeks away from the Sheffield Half Marathon 2020! And we have exciting news regarding this event from KB Physio & Wellness! We will be producing a countdown to the event leading up to race day, whereby blogs...

8 Exercises To Keep You Moving During A Long Flight

Long haul flights can make many people experience joint stiffness and pain. Here are 8 physio-approved exercises to keep you moving during your long haul flight. Ankle circles: Circle your ankles 10 times to the left and repeat to the right Knee hugs: Hug your knees...


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Physio Client Success Stories

I originally came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness with a trapped nerve in my neck, torn tendons in a shoulder, almost constant pain. I had previously had to have cortisone injections for the relief too. After the 1st appointment I haven’t taken pain relief and have been doing the exercise program. I have occasional nerve pain, but adding Pilates in has really made a difference on that too. Not being in pain has given me my life back. My range of movement and my confidence has improved so much. I now feel really good, and friends who I don’t see often have commented unprompted on the difference in me.


I came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness with a problem with my knees which was affecting my back and making me struggle with walking. The experience has been wonderful. I have gained more flexibility and better range of movement in my legs. I can go for hikes with the family and stand most of the day working with no issues. I feel a lot more happier with my range of movement and having less pain.


I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years and am having physiotherapy at present. I was recommended pilates by my Physio. I have really enjoyed finding out how inflexible and weak I am! Katie made the class enjoyable despite my short-comings. I now come weekly and little-by-little I am getting stronger and more flexible and it’s helping me manage my back pain a lot.