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Health and Wellbeing Coaching in Sheffield

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaching Service in Sheffield is an opportunity for you to enhance the outcome of your health treatments by discovering barriers and motivations. Professional life coaching techniques will help you to understand your body better, helping you to overcome your concerns.

What is Health and Wellbeing Coaching?

Health and Wellbeing Coaching uses professional life coaching techniques to explore any underlying barriers and provides motivation to help improve your symptoms, and enhance the outcomes of your treatment. The service helps to build a lifelong philosophy for enhanced health practices.

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Who is Health and Wellbeing Coaching For?

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaching service is perfect for anyone that is trying to improve the physical symptoms of their health concerns, but struggle with a sense of frustration from not meeting their full expectations. 

You might have already tried to improve your health with various treatments, but either didn’t see the results that you expected, or you go round in circles with your health behaviours.

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How Can Health and Wellbeing Coaching Help?

Health and Wellbeing Coaching helps you to unpack patterns and reasons behind your health behaviours, enabling you to better understand and engage with your body, and your health. 

We’ll help you to create your own recipe for wellbeing which will allow you to work on optimising your health, no matter your age, or medical history.

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What to Expect From Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Our Health and Wellbeing Coaching service is predominantly discussion and reflection. We create plenty of time and a safe space for you to process your behaviours and thoughts. Because of this, things can get emotional, and periods of silence are completely normal. 

To make the most of this service, you will need to plan some time to reflect upon and process what you have learned in your session. Most of your development will depend upon this reflection, as it will inform future sessions


Meet our team

Our health coaching services are carried out by….

Women's Health Physiotherapist Sheffield

Emily Elgar

Emily is our Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist and Clinical Lead. She has over 10 years’ experience working in Pelvic Health (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), across a range of settings from a large teaching hospital, to remote community clinics. 

Emily has been with the Katie Bell team right from the start, and has since expanded her skills to include acupuncture, myofascial release, and professional coaching alongside classical pelvic health skills which reflects her combined approach to physiotherapy.

“I love not only helping women find the practical solutions to their pelvic and obstetric health challenges, but also helping them find their unique recipe for wellness. So often in clinic I hear that patients didn’t realise there was so much they could do to impact their symptoms. When a women comes in having taken control of their health they change in everyway. I love when she tells you about how she is physically better and feels it, but then talks about all the ways she understands her body more. There’s a lot of power in that, not just the one fix but embracing your health for life.”


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