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Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy

Our WomanKind Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy at Katie Bell Physiotherapy supports women through their postnatal recovery with a treatment plan tailored towards individual musculoskeletal conditions and concerns including perineal tears. Our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists are here to help you get back to your best, pre-pregnancy activity levels.

What is Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy?

Perineal Trauma involves any form of tear between the vagina and the anus and the NHS explains how this can happen during childbirth. Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy is a dedicated service for women who have experienced tears during pregnancy and need additional support recovering back to their pre-pregnancy health. In addition to this, the service also focuses on any musculoskeletal conditions or concerns you may have.

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Who is Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy for?

Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy is suitable for women who are 2 to 4 weeks postpartum. Before booking your initial appointment we recommend visiting your consultant for a review before we complete an internal pelvic floor examination, just to ensure you are at a safe level of recovery to move to the next step.

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How Can Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy Help?

Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy can help with pain management in the early stages of your postnatal recovery. In addition, we also complete an assessment of your pelvic floor dysfunction including creating a bespoke bladder and bowel treatment plan to help you recover as much as possible to your pre-pregnancy state.

As part of the Perineal Trauma Physiotherapy we also provide a rehabilitation programme designed to help you recover at a safe pace and implement strategies to aid this recovery. Alongside this we review your diet to ensure you are getting enough fluids to optimise your bladder and bowel habits which can be quite difficult to deal with postpartum. 

In order to help you to return to your pre-pregnancy activity level and abilities, we design and teach you a specific pelvic floor and core programme to help strengthen particular parts of your body again. 

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What to Expect from Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy

Upon your initial Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy assessment we will need to know about your delivery and pelvic health history, so a lot of this will be discussion  based at first. 

For your pelvic floor examination we normally ask you to undress from the waist down, so it is important to wear clothing that you are comfortable in and that is easy to remove. We will provide you with a cover for your modesty. Commonly, this type of examination takes place with a qualified clinician, but if it makes you feel more comfortable a chaperone can be provided. 

During your Perineal Trauma Postnatal Physiotherapy appointment, we usually complete your pelvic floor assessment with you laying down to start with. But, on occasion, we may ask you to stand, or perform certain activities, such as a squat, to allow us to fully review your condition. 

You will leave your first appointment with a treatment plan tailored to your body, health conditions and requirements after thoroughly discussing the best options for you.


Meet our team

Our perineal trauma services are carried out by….

Women's Health Physiotherapist Sheffield

Emily Elgar

Emily is our Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist and Clinical Lead. She has over 10 years’ experience working in Pelvic Health (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), across a range of settings from a large teaching hospital, to remote community clinics. 

Emily has been with the Katie Bell team right from the start, and has since expanded her skills to include acupuncture, myofascial release, and professional coaching alongside classical pelvic health skills which reflects her combined approach to physiotherapy.

“I love not only helping women find the practical solutions to their pelvic and obstetric health challenges, but also helping them find their unique recipe for wellness. So often in clinic I hear that patients didn’t realise there was so much they could do to impact their symptoms. When a women comes in having taken control of their health they change in everyway. I love when she tells you about how she is physically better and feels it, but then talks about all the ways she understands her body more. There’s a lot of power in that, not just the one fix but embracing your health for life.”


Tania Pendreich

I joined Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness as an MSK and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. I love doing everything I can to help improve people’s quality of lives. I’m particularly passionate about empowering women and giving them the confidence they need to achieve their daily and sporting goals and get back doing everything they love. It’s such a pleasure to do this as part of the innovative and dynamic Katie Bell community.

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