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The New Hub for Women’s Health Services In Sheffield

About WomanKind Health

Our mission here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness is to help each and every woman that comes to our clinic take back control of their wellbeing, helping them regain the freedom to do the things they love and need to do each day. That’s why we’re launching WomenKind Health, the new hub for women’s health services in Sheffield.

WomanKind Health provides women support at various stages of their life, helping them reduce pain and relieve symptoms. We provide therapy and general health and fitness services for women during and after pregnancy, women going through the menopause and women who suffer from other conditions which impact their wellbeing.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and start your journey to being pain free and living a healthy life.

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WomanKind Health Launch Week

We have now officially launched our new WomanKind Hub, to celebrate this we have put together a whole week of events! Below you will find what’s happening each day throughout the week. If you notice something that catches your eye, don’t be afraid to come along, we’re a welcoming crowd!

Monday 4th October

Why Did No One Tell Me?

Ask the Pelvic Health Physio LIVE on Instagram/Facebook/Zoom at 10:45 am

Get ready to talk all things pelvic floor. A great opportunity to ask all the questions you’ve been wanting to know but maybe didn’t want to ask anyone! Send your questions in to be answered on the day.


Tuesday 5th October


Post-natal talk: Ask the Pelvic Health Physio LIVE on Instagram/Facebook/Zoom at 5pm

Congratulations on your baby! You’ve made it beyond birth and getting into the swing of feeds, sleep routines (or lack of them!) and getting out of the house on time! Motherhood is fierce and we all want to feel strong. Join our pelvic health specialists as she talks through how and why it’s important to get strong, physically, and mentally after your baby.


Wednesday 6th October


Ask the expert in our interview on menopause, with a live Q&A

LIVE event at Katie Bell Physiotherapy &
Wellness at  7:00 – 8:00pm

Drop in Join Emily, our pelvic health clinical specialist and guest speaker Lindsey Thomas, specialist menopause GP, as they discuss everything you need to know from prolapse and bladder problems seen in the menopause. This will include your chance to ask them direct questions.

Thursday 7th October


Ask the Pelvic Health Physio LIVE on
Instagram/Facebook/Zoom at 5:15pm

Pelvic pain is something none of us expect to experience but yet there are a wide variety of conditions that can contribute to these

We will be answering your questions about pelvic pain including vulva and pelvic floor conditions. We also be explaining how physiotherapy can help.

Friday 8th October AM


Cook ALONG live With Helen & Emily
on Instagram/Facebook/Zoom at 11:30am

Pelvic health starts from within and where better than to start is your gut. Our in-house nutritionist will be joining us to talk through how to optimise your diet to support your pelvic health.

We will be coming live from our kitchen to make a green smoothie. (Ingredients required will be sent on booking).

Friday 8th October PM


LIVE WORKSHOP 7:30pm – 9pm @Katie Bell Physio & Wellness

Every woman wants to have a great recovery from their babies but often you can feel confused about how to get back (or start) high impact exercise, like running.

Our clinical specialist, Emily, will take you through from birth to full rehab including her dynamic pelvic floor programme’ perfect for getting you back to what you love to do. Come ready to learn and get moving too

Price: £12

Who we can help

Womenkind Health exists to help women dealing with a range of common health problems that occur throughout their life. Womenkind Health exists to help women dealing with a range of common health problems that occur throughout their life.


Post Natal

Pelvic Health


Approved Mummy MOT Provider

We’re now a registered Mummy MOT provider. This specialist service is carried out by our trained practitioners to help women recover from pregnancy with minimal impact on their current and future health and wellbeing.

This service includes an initial one hour assessment where we carry out a full postural screen, a pelvic floor muscle assessment, an abdominal muscle assessment and screen for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

Following your assessment, you’ll work with out WomenKind Health team who will put together physio and rehab program which will help you get to where you need to be. We’ll write all of this up in a full Mummy MOT report to help you understand the findings in full. Book your Mummy MOT today.

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Covid-19 Update

We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.