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Warning Signs You Should Go See A Physio

There is definitely a reluctance amongst people to go and see a physiotherapist. Perhaps Google can fix the problem? Or maybe some deep heat? Whatever the reason for delaying going to see a physio, there are a number of certain tell-tale signs that it’s probably time to stop ignoring that pain or injury and to seek some professional advice. These signs include:

1. Not moving as easily as you used to…

Although everyone loses a degree of flexibility as they get older, it’s not okay when it starts to impede your day-to-day life. For instance, having trouble walking upstairs, bending over or reaching for things are indicative that you might have other issues preventing you from moving as you need to. A physiotherapist can help identify the root cause of the issue and help you in strengthening the affected area.

2. Your sleep is being disturbed…

Sleep is a pretty great indicator of your physical state and wellbeing. If you’re having problems getting to sleep or don’t ever feel fully rested when you wake up, then a possible cause could be pain and mobility problems. For that reason, please don’t ever feel silly for turning up to physiotherapy complaining about sleeping badly. Your physiotherapist will have plenty of strategies for uncovering the reasons behind your lack of shut eye.

3. Something just ‘feels different’…

No one knows your body better than you, and sometimes it just doesn’t feel quite right. Often when this is the case it’s really hard to put a finger on what the problem is, but it could be that you’re feeling weaker than normal, perhaps struggling with your balance or even catching your breath. To help towards this, our physiotherapists are trained in helping to investigate the issue with you further through a mixture of questions and physical assessment – all in a very personal and professional manner.

4. You’re in pretty constant pain…

It is expected that you should experience a certain amount of pain after suffering an injury, but such pain should gradually subside as the affected area begins to heal. Sometimes, though, the pain doesn’t settle as expected and it becomes ongoing with no end seemingly in sight. This is a pretty clear indicator that further investigation is needed – quite likely including imaging of the affected area through diagnostic ultrasound.

5. An old injury keeps flaring up…

Related to the above, if not properly dealt with when fresh, an old injury can quite easily become chronic. In other words, it becomes a constant worry when undertaking certain activities, it flares up on a regular occurrence, and it leaves you feeling deflated and pessimistic about what you can achieve physically. Physiotherapy is designed to address not only recent physical problems, but also ones that have built up over time.

6. You’re experiencing pain in other areas…

Often people will put off treatment if the pain is in an area that cannot be easily attributed to a specific incident or accident. Unfortunately, though, referred pain is one of the clearest indicators that professional help is needed. Therefore, if you’re currently questioning why on earth you’ve got this pain in a random part of your body, then let us assess the issue for you via a free consultation.

It’s always the right time to see a physiotherapist

Although all of the above are pretty strong signals to book a physiotherapy appointment, the truth is that now is always a good time to go and get treatment and advice — regardless of whether or not you’re injured or taking part in lots of physical activity.

The reason being, physiotherapy isn’t solely the treatment and prevention of injury, it is also the advancement of wellness within the body. Often we forget just how good it feels to feel good — if that makes sense? All of us, to a lesser or great extent, have certain areas of weakness, stiffness and discomfort in our body, which we have grown accustomed to, and physiotherapy is there to address these and to optimise how you feel on a day-to-day basis.

So, whether or not you’re experiencing the warning signs above, why not have a little internal check to see whether you should take that first step towards feeling better by booking a physiotherapy appointment online today?

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