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The Perks Of A Home Yoga Practice

Practicing at home may have become the norm for us all at the moment, perhaps you’re missing the vibe of a studio and being surrounded by the energy of others, or maybe you’ve always wanted to try yoga but haven’t really gotten round to it etc, just like cleaning out your cupboards… There really is no time like the present to embrace the abundance of amazing classes and teachers on offer online and the many benefits of yoga which we need now more than ever.

Below are a few good reasons why a home yoga practice might be just what you’re looking for…

Home Yoga Practice

First up, create your own studio setting –  it’s your own ‘studio space’ you’re running now so it’s up to you to make as comfortable and cozy as possible. The beauty of a yoga practice is you really don’t need much – a rolled out mat or towel next to the bed is just perfect. Whether you prefer to find a sunny spot or a dimly lit room, make the most of your home setting by incorporating an array of cushions and blankets to enhance your experience. A water bottle or pile of books can be a great alternative to a yoga block if you don’t have one. Light a candle and turn on the diffuser and chill out.

Practice like nobody is watching, because they aren’t, or can’t see you clearly anyway. Seriously, nobody cares what you’re doing, they are too busy thinking about themselves or watching the online teacher. So let yourself go and be in the moment. Get the full yoga experience without feeling the need to compare or compete with others or yourself.

Which leads nicely into also being a bit more brave – if you have a more established yoga practice, yoga at home is a fantastic way to try things you might not usually. If you’re working on a particular pose or have ambitions to be able to stand on your head, go for it! Practice makes progress so embrace the breakthroughs and feel your practice grow in confidence. You can find lots of useful YouTube tutorials or even ask your teacher for some take away tips.

One of the goals of yoga to dive into who you really are at your core and the wise yogi’s say your body is vehicle to do this, so self-study into the mechanics of your own body at home is a great place to start. It can be as simple as having a few quiet, still moments and noticing your breath, or paying closer attention to how your body feels every time you approach a particular pose. Safety is absolutely vital to avoiding injury but without the close watchful eye of a teacher you may start to realise you understand your own range of motion better than you think. Also which poses you prefer and how they make you feel. Self-study also adds to a more meaningful yoga experience, so close your eyes and step into your body.

Finally, there are tonnes of incredible teachers online who are offering regular classes or even free Instagram Live sessions, meditations, and lots of different styles of yoga to try, from blissed out Yin, to moving 360 degrees in a Mandala practice. There really hasn’t ever been a more appealing time to hop on your mat in the comfort of your own home.

Dayle Hill is a Yinyasa, Pregnancy and Yin yoga teacher and offers weekly online classes at Katie Bell Physio on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm and Sunday mornings at 10am.

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