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Strength & Conditioning Exercises For Cyclists

Cyclists are best known for their powerful legs. However, in order to really speed up those hills, you need a balance around the legs, hips, core AND upper body. To help towards achieving this, Emily, one of our Specialist Physiotherapists, has put together a selection of the top exercises you should be including during training in order to improve your cycling performance.


Function: Builds shoulder and upper back stability for improved upper body riding posture.

Set Up: Lean over gym ball holding spine in long position. Moving your hips forwards of your knees will increase your core muscle action.

Action: Draw arms up to the side with elbows at a right angle then extend them forwards.

Aeroplane Exercise for Cyclists

Aeroplane Exercise for Cyclists

Drinking Bird:

Function: Combines balance, core, and lower body strengthening.

Set Up: Half squat posture and shoulder blades gently drawn back.

Action: Lift and lower heels simultaneously or progress by alternating ankles.

Drinking Bird Exercise for Cyclists

Drinking Bird Exercise for Cyclists

Kick Backs (with Resistance band):

Function: Builds power in Hamstrings and gluteal muscles whilst challenging pelvis stability.

Set Up: In Hands and knees wrap a resistance band aroudn the back of your knees. Keep your shoulders and back aligned.

Action: a) long leg extension behind b) flexed knee lift up and back.

Progression: Hover supporting knee off the floor to increase core and upper body stability work.

Kick Backs Exercise for Cyclists

Kick Backs Exercise for Cyclists

Kick Backs Exercise for Cyclists

Bridge With Ham Curls on Gym Ball:

Function: Dynamic and challenging exercise for lower body strength and stability.

Set Up: Lie on your back with both feet on the gym ball or wobble board.

Action: Lift hips and then spine off the floor whilst keeping your chest relaxed.

Progression: a) Hold the top position and extend and bend at the knees. b) Rest one foot just on the ball thus repeating the action with just one leg.

Ham Curls for Cyclists

Ham Curls for Cyclists

Ham Curls for Cyclists

Ham Curls for Cyclists

Elbow Plank Hover:

Function: High level core and shoulder stability.

Set Up: Lean down onto your elbows with hands and elbows shoulder distance apart.

Action: Exhale, engage core and lift knees one inch off the floor. Hold for 1-3 breath cycles.

Plank Exercise for Cyclists

For Optimal Results…

With so many amazing cycling routes in and around Sheffield, save yourself the frustration of being prevented from getting out on the bike by an injury you know you could have helped prevent. As such, for optimal results, make sure to combine these exercises with a good routine of stretching, along with massage and release work with a foam roller, spikey ball or a sports massage.

For more information, or if you know you need some expert physiotherapy to get back on the bike, then get in touch with us today to book a physiotherapy appointment.

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