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Pilates Equipment: An Overview Of The Theraband

What is a Theraband?

A theraband is an elastic type of material which is generally shaped in either a long band or circular band. Therabands come in a wide variety of colours, not to make them look pretty but to display the differing types of resistance they hold. The higher the amount of elastic resistance your theraband has, the harder your muscles will have to work to overcome the resistance & the stronger your muscles become!

The colours of theraband we have at the clinic ascend in resistance in this order:

Yellow > Red > Green > Blue

But there are many more colours you can buy once your strength improvements have exceeded the blue therabands capability!

Why use the Theraband?

To add a resistive component into our pilates routine to improve our muscular strength, endurance & stability which is key for injury prevention, fitness & mobility

Over time, our muscles become normalised to the exercise we do, they adapt. If we continue to complete exercise at the same consistent level our bodies will stop growing & adapting, we plateau. By adding in these common pieces of pilates equipment we continually challenger our body which results in consistent & continual muscle growth, strength & flexibility improvements

Benefits of using the Theraband

Our muscles respond to load. Because of this, our muscles will not get bigger & stronger if we do not work them. This is why completing resistance exercise is so important. By adding a theraband into your routine, you’re maximising the benefits of pilates!

Also, one of the best benefits of using a theraband is the absolutely endless amount of exercise ideas & variations you can add into your routine, which makes exercise more fun!

Exercise ideas:

Completing the squat exercise is arguably the absolute best all round exercise we can do to strength our leg muscles. But by simply adding a theraband around the knees we can fire up our glutes into overdrive & get them maximally strengthened too!

Theraband Glute Exercise

Another great exercise here working on our shoulder muscles, in particular our rotator cuff. Really important exercise here! Adding a theraband into this movement really challenges the rotator cuff getting it super strong which is vital to prevent & rehabilitate shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Theraband Exercise

Classic glute exercise here! Common muscle to become weakened which can lead to injury so adding a theraband to this clam exercise is a great way to strengthen the glutes up!

Pilates Glute Exercise Using Theraband

There are endless amounts of other theraband variations so ask your pilates instructor for some extra variations or additional theraband exercises for a particular muscle group that you want to strengthen

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