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One Stop Shop For All Your Lower Back Pain Needs

For those readers who are recurrent sufferers of lower back pain the picture above will be all too familiar!

In these current times, your aches, pains & spasms will be creeping more & more into your daily life now that we are less active & mobile, less able to self manage with no hands on input from your trusted therapist. BUT, this blog will provide you with all the tips & tricks you need to keep your lower back under control!

For those readers who are currently experiencing their first episode of lower back pain, please take the advice of this blog but also book yourself in for an online physiotherapy consultation so that your back pain is properly assessed in order to rule out more sinister causes for your back pain. Please email hello@katiebellphysio.com to book your online consultation with our principal physiotherapist, Katie Bell.

The below advice is for lower back pain in general.. you will get the most effective & individualised advice by speaking to a physiotherapist so that we are able to tailor and create your personal self management & exercise programme

Lower Back Pain Advice

  • Heat – applying heat to your lower back is one of the most effective ways to increase blood flow to the area as it brings heat, oxygen & nutrients which helps to reduce muscle spasm and settle down your aches & pains. This is best done either using a hot water bottle or having a hot bath. Relax with the heat for 30 minutes, this can be done several times a day!
  • Spiky ball – rolling a spiky ball or something similar such as a tennis ball into your lower back muscles is a great way to reduce muscle tension further reducing your back spasms & pain. Check out this link for a video example of how to utilise this technique.
  • Top 3 exercises – exercise is the most scientifically evidenced way to help prevent & treat back pain. Check out this link for a video example of our top 3 lower back exercises.
  • Keep mobile – as you’re likely already aware, when you twinge your lower back the last thing you want to do is move! However, it’s the best thing for it – movement is medicine! The more mobile you are, the more mobile, stretched and supple your bodily structures become. Try to avoid maintaining the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time during the day
  • Make the most of your outdoor daily exercise – developing on the previous point, exercise is key for the management of lower back pain! And the outdoors is key for our mental health & wellbeing during these isolating times. So, kill 2 birds with 1 stone and head out for a comfortable walk, this gets the lower back moving and therefore it becomes more mobile & supple
  • Pain relief – it’s there to help you so use it! Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen are effective medications for the management of back pain. Always check with a pharmacist before starting new medications
  • Try not to worry – lower back pain is very rarely caused by serious structural damage and most cases fully resolve with exercise and self management. If you’re having some anxiety that your back pain is due to more sinister or unmanageable reasons please do contact one of our physiotherapists so that we can tailor your rehabilitation plan to your individual needs

In these next few weeks/months of isolation make sure you are consistent with your exercise and self management (even when you are not in pain!!) as consistency is key for prevention. The team here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness are on hand to assess, treat, motivate & reassure for all of your pain needs whilst in these unsettling times so please do utilise us as we are here to help you!

Please email hello@katiebellphysio.com to book your online consultation with our principal physiotherapist, Katie Bell.

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