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Hip Tips For Staying Healthy As We Age

Hip pain is a common occurrence as we age especially as it is a load bearing joint – joints like to be moving and need to maintain lubrication to have ease and comfort whilst moving. The best way to strengthen a load bearing joint is to load it! We can do this without weights and using purely our own body weight, follow these easy tips to keep your hips healthy.

Exercises for Hip Pain

  • Walking is a great way to stay active and mobile (see www.walkingforhealth.org.uk). Obviously with the limitations of lockdown, even making a few rounds of the garden to get your steps in a day or using the stairs can help to maintain your leg strength! If you don’t have a pedometer you can download free apps onto your mobile phone to set yourself a daily goal to work towards.
  • When sitting for long periods, perform sit to stands every 30 mins, completing 5-10 sit to stands to build up the thigh and bum muscles.
  • Dancing is a great way to boost your mood & also keep you fit. It’s also a great way to mobilise the hip joint. Put some music that inspires you making sure you have enough space and feel comfortable in that space.
  • Pilates or yoga can help maintain muscle strength and flexibility, and can be done on the floor or bed. We are providing Pilates classes live online also there are many classes on our youtube channel Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness 
  • Make a routine of strengthening for your hips for example every time you make a cup of tea or brush your teeth do a few squats and lunges 10 of each. This will help strengthen the muscles around your hip and reduce pain. 
  • When sitting squeezing your bum cheeks together like your trying to ‘crack a walnut’ hold for 10 seconds and repeat until fatigue

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