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Events & Workshops – Health & Wellness

Here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness we run exciting events and workshops throughout the year to give you as much opportunity as possible to enhance and optimise your health and wellness.

We are busy planning the event schedule for 2019, so make sure to check back soon for more exciting events and workshops!

‘How To Take Control Of Your Back Pain’ – Workshop with Katie Bell (12th October)

What You’re Going To Learn:

  • What is the #1 biggest mistake back pain sufferers make that often leads to surgery
  • What the spine is designed to do and what goes wrong
  • The top 3 causes of back pain and sciatica
  • What are the conservative treatments that should be tried first before surgery
  • What effective, conservative, natural treatment looks like
  • How do you avoid a spinal surgery and is that possible, even if you were told that was the only option

Who Is This Free Workshop For?

  • You have been told surgery is the only answer
  • If you have pain in your low back or down your leg when you stand or walk
  • If you want to avoid treatments that are aggressive and only treat the symptoms of pain including medications, injections, surgery
  • If you are no longer as active as you once used to be due to your back pain getting worse the more you move
  • If you have a hard time walking long distances
  • If you are afraid that your back pain will not get any better
  • If you feel like you have tried everything and there is no hope
  • If you have had back pain in the past and you want to avoid it in the future even though maybe right now it is not present
  • You are a spouse of someone with back pain and they are too stubborn to ask for help.

Free Admission. Please pre-book your seats by contacting

The Menopause & Me (16th November)

Who Is This Free Workshop For?

  • If you feel daunted and frustrated by menopause
  • If you struggle with troublesome symptoms such as bloating, headaches, or hot flushes
  • If you feel unsure what you can do about your symptoms
  • If you would like to thrive rather than survive your menopause
  • If you would like to learn how to step forward into this new season of your life

In this two-hour workshop you will:

  • Learn the what’s, why’s and how’s of menopause symptoms
  • Learn holistic strategies to enhance your bodies natural balance
  • Leave empowered to step forwards in this stage of life

Tickets: £25.00. Please email to book your place.