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All gain, no pain

I wanted to talk to you about pain today… a word we hear a lot.

When you stub your toe and jump about yelping, and most probably swearing, something quite incredible has happened in that nano second.

You stub the toe: you activate neurons called A-delta fibres and they send electrical impulses to the brain. A thing to note here… this is not pain! The brain responds to those signals in a network of areas, and together they generate feeling of shock, threat, suffering. That’s what makes pain… you then clutch your toe and jump about!

When we have an injury, our brain creates a signal in response and that in turn changes the chemicals in the area which are known as inflammatory markers, creating pain. Sometimes due to the length of time we have an injury or problem, the brain goes on to make some more changes. It makes the representation of that body part in our brain a lot bigger. Therefore the number of sensory receptors are more, meaning we are more aware of that body part, we are more receptive to changes there, we are more sensitive.

During Physiotherapy we are trying to desensitise areas, reduce these inflammatory markers, encourage your brain to recognise movement, and ‘normal things’ happening at that area.

Pain is just as much (I think more than) an emotional reaction as a physical reaction. As Physio’s, we have to be really conscious of this and weave this into our treatment in magic ways!

A good Physiotherapist looks at lots of factors to do with the problem or injury you may see us about. Work, life, diet, hydration, stress to name a few. That’s why we ask so many questions.

At KB Physio & Wellness we ensure we look at the person as a whole and we take into consideration the brain. Never underestimate the power of the brain in pain perception and recovery from injury. And that’s why I think we are the best! (I know I’m biased but I am allowed to be!).

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