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7 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Treatment

Anxiety. Unfortunately this is something a lot of people experience when first attending a physiotherapy appointment. Will the physio be able to diagnose the pain and discomfort that I’m experiencing? Will I get on well with them? How long until I can go back to playing sport or back to work? What should I wear?

Although perfectly understandable, these are just some of the questions that when pondered on for too long can become quite counterproductive to that initial appointment and to further treatment. As a result, we’ve put together a selection of our top tips for helping relieve any anxiety and ensuring you get the most out of your physiotherapy appointment.

1. Ask plenty of questions

Be honest if you don’t quite understand something, or something is a little unclear. By properly understanding your diagnosis and recommended treatment approach, the road to recovery becomes a lot more straightforward.

2. Be realistic with your expectations

The solution is rarely straightforward when it comes to chronic pain or injury, so allow yourself the necessary time to fully recover.

3. Commit to completing home exercises

As part of your rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will often provide you with a selection of exercises or stretches to carry out at home. These exercises are just as, if not more, important than the time we have with you in the clinic.

4. Consider keeping a journal

Often it is easy to forget or ignore the improvement you’re making towards recovery. A journal can help with reviewing how far you’ve come, whilst also helping maintain a positive outlook.

5. Wear what you feel comfortable in

If the problem relates to your lower limbs, it would be great if you could please bring a pair of shorts. If the problem relates to your upper body or neck, then we would advise ladies to wear some sort of a vest top. It is also advisable to bring trainers with you in case you are required to complete some sort of running assessment.

6. Listen to your body

Resist the temptation of trying to do too much too soon. Towards this, how about taking the opportunity to adopt a more holistic approach to your health and wellbeing? Although you might be limited in the amount you can run, for example, how about looking to improve your nutrition and diet? This way you can feel as though you’re achieving something new during this period of recovery.

7. Remember you are part of a team

Ultimately we’re here to support you and stand by you as we work towards achieving that common goal of helping you get pain-free.

So, there we have it, our top tips for getting the most from your physiotherapy appointment. If you have any of your own tips, then we would love to hear them!

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