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5 Ways to Recover the Lymphatic System Faster During Long COVID

Since the COVID outbreak at the beginning of 2020, our clinic has had many enquiries from those experiencing long-term post-viral reactions after contracting the virus.

Symptoms may include:

  • Persistent and extreme fatigue
  • Increased anxiety and depressive feelings
  • Swollen lymph nodes, particularly in the neck and axilla areas
  • Aches and pains
  • Poor memory, difficulty concentrating and lack of focus

These symptoms are similar to other medical conditions, such as ME and CFS, which can last for weeks, or even months. However, normally these symptoms of post-viral fatigue are expected to last for a short period of time.

COVID is seen as an aggressive virus that can weaken the immune and lymphatic systems. Unless a full recovery is made, energy levels will be reduced and fatal symptoms can remain. Even though there is still a lot to learn about COVID-19, health experts state the importance of resuming normal activities. They advise us to try to avoid resting too much. This will in turn help your immune system recover quicker.

How to Improve the Lymphatic System

1. Sleep

The quality of sleep can be affected after being diagnosed with COVID, such as intermittent sleep. It is important to try to stick to a healthy routine. This may include going to bed at a sensible hour and no stimulants before bedtime. As the body repairs cells and tissues whilst we are sleeping, it is vital that we get good quality sleep to recover faster from long covid.

2. Hydration

Drinking plenty of water is advised to help the body’s systems work efficiently, as it helps remove toxins and waste through the Lymphatic System.

3. Movement

It is important to incorporate movement into your day. This is because The Lymphatic System relies on muscular movement and deep breathing, which helps move fluid from the tissues through the Lymphatic system and, therefore, the removal of waste.

4. Healthy Eating

Natural food sources should form most of the diet to help recovery. These may include: vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, proteins and healthy fats. Highly processed foods, which can also be inflammatory, cannot be broken down and removed as easily. This can slow down the recovery process.

5. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This can be a valuable tool, as it encourages lymph to be moved through the lymph vessels to the nodes where toxins and waste are broken down. After this, lymph can be removed from the body, allowing the Lymphatic System to recover faster.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Sheffield

Jackie Buchanan is a fully qualified MLD specialist having the renowned Vodder qualifications, who works at the clinic alongside physiotherapists and sports massage therapists.

For more information regarding Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Sheffield, and to book an appointment, please contact Katie Bell Physiotherapy and Wellness. Jackie will be very happy to discuss anything further, either on the phone or in person at the clinic.

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