Prenatal Physiotherapy

Prenatal Physiotherapy in Sheffield

Our WomanKind Prenatal Physiotherapy service in Sheffield is here to support women at all stages of their pregnancy with any musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing in a safe and comfortable environment.

What is Prenatal Physiotherapy?

Prenatal Physiotherapy is a specialised Physiotherapy assessment for musculoskeletal issues relating to pregnancy. Prenatal Physiotherapy can also teach you exercises which can help prevent typical aches and pains that are experienced throughout pregnancies.

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Who is Prenatal Physiotherapy for?

Our WomanKind Prenatal Physiotherapy is suitable for women at all stages of their pregnancy, depending on the recommendation of your consultant. It is important to check with your consultant if they think Physiotherapy would be beneficial for your pregnancy as each pregnancy is different, with different medical conditions, and will have different levels of mobility.

Pregnancy Physiotherapy at Katie Bell
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How can Prenatal Physiotherapy help?

Our WomanKind Prenatal Physiotherapy service can help you by firstly providing you with an initial assessment and diagnosis of any pain or dysfunction you are experiencing. Examples of possible issues could include back pain, pelvic pain, and Diastasis Recti also known as doming of the stomach.

Once we know where the pain and discomfort is coming from then our qualified physiotherapists can provide manual therapy exercises to safely manage and correct the issues you are experiencing and relieve some pain.

Our Prenatal Physiotherapy service also gives you the option to learn how to apply your own kinesiology tape which is used to relieve strain from painful areas by improving blood flow in the targeting area. 

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What to expect from your Prenatal Physiotherapy appointment?

When attending your first WomanKind Prenatal Physiotherapy appointment, it is important to be aware that it is a lot easier if you can undress down to your underwear. However, if you don’t feel comfortable enough to do this then that is completely fine, we just ask you to wear something similar to a vest top and shorts so that we can assess you properly.

With regards to pelvic floor examinations, we tend to examine externally around the groin and bottom hence why appropriate clothing is needed. All of our Physiotherapists are professionals so please don’t feel uncomfortable because you are in safe hands. We also would ensure that you feel comfortable before suggesting any examination and it does not need to happen in the first appointment if not comfortable. 

During the appointment you will also be asked to perform a series of movements and will be examined in areas related to where you describe there to be pain or dysfunction. If you find parts of this too painful then our professional physiotherapists will work around your pains and symptoms using various supports and a modified assessment so the session is tailored uniquely to you.

Postnatal Physiotherapy

Our WomanKind Postnatal Physiotherapy service in Sheffield is here to support women at the postnatal stages of their pregnancy with any musculoskeletal issues you may be experiencing in a safe and comfortable environment. The service is a specialised Physiotherapy Assessment for musculoskeletal issues relating to your recovery from pregnancy. The purpose of Postnatal Physiotherapy is to help you return to your normal lifestyle after the physical and hormonal changes your body experiences throughout and after pregnancy. 

Check out our Postnatal Physiotherapy service here.


Meet our team

Our prenatal physiotherapy services are carried out by….

Women's Health Physiotherapist Sheffield

Emily Elgar

Emily is our Pelvic Health Clinical Specialist and Clinical Lead. She has over 10 years’ experience working in Pelvic Health (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), across a range of settings from a large teaching hospital, to remote community clinics. 

Emily has been with the Katie Bell team right from the start, and has since expanded her skills to include acupuncture, myofascial release, and professional coaching alongside classical pelvic health skills which reflects her combined approach to physiotherapy.

“I love not only helping women find the practical solutions to their pelvic and obstetric health challenges, but also helping them find their unique recipe for wellness. So often in clinic I hear that patients didn’t realise there was so much they could do to impact their symptoms. When a women comes in having taken control of their health they change in everyway. I love when she tells you about how she is physically better and feels it, but then talks about all the ways she understands her body more. There’s a lot of power in that, not just the one fix but embracing your health for life.”


Laura Hewitt

Laura is a Senior Physiotherapist in the Women’s Health Team, and a Certified APPI Pilates Instructor. She has over 14 years’ Physiotherapy experience, having worked in a variety of settings over the years.

Laura has worked with us at Katie Bell Physiotherapy and Wellness since 2017, and is currently carrying out further training to become a Mummy MOT qualified Practitioner as well as upskilling in the area on Women’s health Physiotherapy, including Pelvic floor assessment.

“I love being a Physiotherapist- it is a privilege to work with people to facilitate their own recovery or improve their self-management. I love seeing people being able to perform, achieve or improve their function and ability to a greater level. The people contact and education side of helping people feel informed about their bodies and conditions is how I feel we can see better progress and results. It’s a wonderful and really rewarding job.”

Tania Pendreich

I joined Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness as an MSK and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist. I love doing everything I can to help improve people’s quality of lives. I’m particularly passionate about empowering women and giving them the confidence they need to achieve their daily and sporting goals and get back doing everything they love. It’s such a pleasure to do this as part of the innovative and dynamic Katie Bell community.

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