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Antenatal Yoga Classes in Sheffield

Our Bump Club  Antenatal Yoga classes in Sheffield are specifically designed for pregnant women by an experienced yoga teacher, Dayle Hill. Learn to connect with both your baby and your body, whilst physically and mentally preparing yourself for birth.

What is Antenatal Yoga?

Hosted weekly at Katie Bell Physio, our Bump Club Pregnancy Yoga class offers you the chance to hang out with your growing baby and connect to your body, priming it for birth. Before and beyond birth, you’ll learn to move to your own beat, breathe fully, and have some well deserved time to yourself. You’ll also  soothe those classic pregnancy symptoms through gentle movement.

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Monday – Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-5:30pm
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How Can Antenatal Yoga Help?

During pregnancy your body experiences a lot of changes fairly quickly, so it’s important to make sure you’re feeling physically and mentally strong. 

Yoga offers the gift of quiet time to connect with your body and baby, and help you to learn how to listen to the intuitive signals the body gives. This includes rehearsing important breathing techniques, meditation, and movement techniques ready for the experience of birth and ‘letting go’. 

The physical practice of Antenatal Yoga will condition and build gentle strength, improve overall posture, soothe classic pregnancy aches and pains, such as lower back pain and swollen feet, and improve sleep quality. It’s the perfect all-round body and mind experience for both mum and baby.

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Who is Antenatal Yoga For?

Our Bump Club Antenatal Yoga Class  is suitable for all levels of experience with no equipment needed. It is recommended to begin practising Antenatal Yoga after 12 weeks of pregnancy, and to check with your GP or consultant if you have any health concerns prior to booking.

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    What to Expect from Antenatal Yoga

    Pregnancy yoga truly offers a wide range of benefits for both mum and baby. Chair yoga and gentle movements are great in the right setting, however our Bump Club style is more about learning to build gentle strength, moving with grace and being the strong mama you want to be.

    After flowing around the mat to the rhythm of your breath, and falling deep into a meditative state, you should expect to leave class feeling relaxed and empowered, ready to take on the journey of motherhood.

    You do not need to bring any equipment with you to our Bump Club Antenatal Yoga Classes, but please dress appropriately in sportswear that allows for easy movement.


    Meet our team

    Our Antenatal Yoga Classes are led by….

    Dayle Hill Yoga Instructor Sheffield

    Dayle Hill

    Dayle is our Yoga Teacher here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy. She specialises in Vinyasa Yoga, but also teaches Pre and Postnatal Yoga.

    Dayle has been working with us since Autumn 2019, and trained with a number of prestigious schools and teachers in the industry. Once qualified in a variety of disciplines, she taught at a number of studios in London before heading up north to Sheffield. 


    After years living in London and overseas I’ve finally settled back in my home city with my family, putting my ‘other day job’ of Travel PR into part-time mode. The thing I enjoy most about working at Katie Bell Physiotherapy is definitely the clients. They make KB the fab place that it is!”


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    Covid-19 Update

    We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.