Pilates Instructor

About Kerry Brears

I’ve been working as a Pilates instructor at Katie Bell Physio since 2016. I love to work with all ages and abilities, my greatest pleasure is seeing my students progress, gain confidence, move more freely and become stronger. I must be the shortest and possibility the oldest instructor, but age is just a number; my height I’ve learnt to live with. I love my job because it means I can meet new people and help them with their health and wellness. I love working at Katie Bell because of the overall team spirit and team members.

I first discovered the benefits of Pilates through injury and wanted to help other people the way Pilates helped me. I was taught in the Modern Pilates Comprehensive Training Method, which looks at functional stability, postural alignment, core stability and modifications of the original works of Joseph Pilates. I’ve also completed further training in shoulder complex issues and spinal conditions as well as the APPI bridging course, to increase my Pilates knowledge and teaching ability.

Qualifications, Achievements & Relevant Experience

  • L3 Modern Pilates and APPI Pilates Matwork
  • Additional CPD Qualifications in Scoliosis, Parkinson’s, Spinal conditions, and Shoulder conditions
  • 6 years of experience teaching at 4 different studios, plus 1-1’s
  • Osteoporosis & Exercise CPD Qualification

Hobbies, Hidden Talents & More Info

Outside of work, I am a keen skier, mountain biker, dog walker, gardener and general outdoor enthusiast. I also enjoy wild swimming, escaping in the campervan, and sleeping under the stars (aka bivvying).

I joined Trading Standards in my early 20’s, completing a law degree, then Diploma in Trading Standards to become a Principal Trading Standards officer. I left in 2011 having bought a garden centre with my husband in 2006. We sold the garden centre in 2015. I qualified as a Pilates teacher the following year having been a student prior to that. As a child I wanted to run in the Olympics and I can still do a head stand and cartwheel!

Covid-19 Update

We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.