Director & Principal Physiotherapist

About Katie Bell:

What makes me the right person to help you reduce your pain, move better, look better and feel better?

In November 2014 I opened Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness and have since built a team of experts in Physiotherapy, Pilates, Yoga, Reflexology, Relaxation & Mindfulness and Massage in Sheffield. The team are passionate in helping people reduce their aches and pains, move better, look better and feel better with long lasting results.

At Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness we are focused on finding the underlying problem that’s causing the pain or injury. We offer fast and effective treatment and then look at how to maintain optimum health in the future.

Our clients are happier, feel fitter, younger and regaining the zest for life. They have stopped wasting time ignoring the problem and instead follow a step-by-step plan with lots of guidance, hands on treatment and support, and in short they find themselves in a lot less pain, fitter and happier!

Why I Do What I Do:

I qualified as a Physiotherapist in 2008 with a ‘first class’ honours degree and went on to become qualified in Pilates and Acupuncture. I have spent the time since I qualified working with people who are busy, time pressured, in pain and need a solution quickly. I have opened my Physiotherapy & Wellness Centre in 2014 to provide a one-stop long term solution for these people in a calming, positive environment.

I genuinely love every day I work because I get to transform peoples’ lives, and I am rewarded with great results daily from very happy patients. I help people move without pain and do the things they love to do. My favourite part is leading my team and creating our vision to help people move better, feel better and live better.

My top three words to describe myself would be: achiever, positive, empathetic.

Qualifications, Achievements & Relevant Experience:

  • BSc Honours in Physiotherapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 2008
  • Acupuncture qualification for Physiotherapists
  • APPI Pilates qualification
  • Private physiotherapist for over 13 years
  • Head physiotherapist at a rugby union club for over 5 years

Hobbies, Hidden Talents & More Info

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy running, fitness, and competitive sports. I have wanted to be a Physio since I was 11! My hidden talent is I am powered by a rechargeable battery at night (or that’s what my friends think!) – I have lots of energy and never stop!


Covid-19 Update

We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.