Yoga Instructor

Yoga has always been a complementary support helping me achieve my adventurous goals, keeping me calm and balanced and increasing strength and flexibility. Having an adventurous spirit at heart I always try to keep fit and healthy through various outdoor activities, including hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing.

In 2016 I made the decision to take my love of Yoga to the next level and trained to be a teacher. I learnt that yoga is more than just health and fitness; it’s a way of life, bringing self-confidence, a sense of community and providing me with a strong foundation and grounding to live a full and happy life.

I love teaching Vinyasa Yoga striving to bring to others the sense of balance, health, wellbeing, strength, flexibility and mindfulness that the flowing movement of Asanas bring. It’s magical guiding students through practice seeing week-on-week strength and flexibility growing and breath and movement flowing. Every student has different body, different lives but yoga is for all.

Through yoga I aim to leave students with a feeling of calmness, balance and strength in the studio and the ability to take it into their daily lives.