Client Care Administrator

About Jackie Buchanan

I’ve been working for Katie Bell Physio since 2016 and am a fully qualified MLD therapist having trained here in the UK and at the renowned Dr Vodder School in Austria, where this specialised technique originated. I am also a Client Care Administrator and this allows me to be the first port of call for our clients and I get a great deal of personal satisfaction when they thank us for making their experience at the clinic a positive one. It makes me happy.

I enjoy meeting new clients and I try to help them not just with physical problems but also emotional ones too. If people walk out of my door feeling better than when they arrived then I have done a good job. My desire to help clients with specific problems relating to lymphatic disorders evolved from my training over 30 years ago as a Massage Therapist and Further Education Teacher. This gave me a broad range of experience both hands-on and teaching in massage, anatomy and physiology. I am passionate about the more beneficial and challenging medical aspect that this treatment offers.

I feel valued as a member of the team at Katie Bell which is important to me. I feel supported by my colleagues and there is a very positive vibe at the clinic which our clients pick up on and embrace.

Qualifications, Achievements & Relevant Experience

  • Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage CDT – Training in Ludlow and at the Vodder clinic in Austria
  • 5 years experience as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
  • 5 years as part of the Client Care Team at Katie Bell Physio
  • Using MLD to improve clients with lymphoedema
  • Working with clients post operatively to speed up the healing process by using MLD
  • Experience in Massage Therapy

Hobbies, Hidden Talents & More Info

Hobbies outside of work include cooking, entertaining friends and family. I love singing (in the car!), attending concerts, and going on holiday. I also like painting and sketching.

As a child I didn’t think too much about a career, I wanted to have a happy family life for my kids like I was lucky enough to have. Having completed a beauty therapy course in the eighties and also taught beauty, I decided to retrain after having my children to become an MLD therapist which gives me more job satisfaction.

I love to be a cog in the wheel of a business which strives to improve people’s health and well being. I genuinely believe that good physical and mental health are closely linked. Therefore not only can we help their physical problems, we can relieve stress and anxiety issues too.

Covid-19 Update

We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.