Pilates Instructor

About Anne Simpson

I’ve been working at Katie Bell Physio since 2018 as a Pilates and Barre Pilates instructor. I had lower back pain for years before I found Pilates which sorted it out – I was so impressed that I trained as an instructor! I’ve been a Pilates instructor at studios, gyms and and done my own classes since 2016. I was also a Zumba instructor at Virgin gym and I did my own classes for 8 years (until 2019).

I love learning new things and being able to pass knowledge on to others in order to improve and enrich their lives. I have recently retired as a primary school teacher and am enjoying teaching adults now. Pilates has made a huge difference to my life so I am full of enthusiasm for helping others lead an active and healthy life. It makes me very happy to communicate with clients and pass on the benefits of Pilates for their everyday lives.

The Katie Bell Physio team have a great team spirit. Being part of this team with high expectations and skill levels only encourages me to teach my clients to the best of my ability. I love teaching, but I also love learning whilst I teach.

Qualifications, Achievements & Relevant Experience

  • L3 Pilates Diploma, HFE 2017
  • L2 and L1 Barre Pilates Qualification, 2017 & 2019
  • Spinesafe Pilates, Osteoporosis Pilates with Pilates Inspiration from Cherry Baker, Glossop

Hobbies, Hidden Talents & More Info

I have 4 adult children who I love spending time with. I love gardening – I spend hours in my allotment! I also love dried flower work, being creative, spending time with family, and helping in the community through my church connections.

I think I was born to teach – I have always loved acquiring knowledge and passing it on.
My hidden talent? I’m a jack of all trades but possibly master of none! I just love learning new skills and am enthusiastic about most things!

Covid-19 Update

We remain open and continue to do everything possible to meet all the necessary guidelines and to keep you safe and well.