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What are the benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on activating the muscles that lie deep around the spine, pelvis and hips. These muscles, when strengthened, can provide a large number of benefits to an individual, such as:

  • Increased core stability
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Better postural alignment and awareness
  • Reduction in pain
  • Greater power production in sports
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Accelerated speed of recovery
  • Reduction in stress levels and improved sense of well-being

To find out more about our pilates classes, please call the clinic or use the form below and one of our team will get back to you shortly.

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What areas of the body does Pilates target?

Pilates is most famous for strengthening the core of the body — in other words, the deep muscles of the back, the abdomen and pelvic floor. These are the muscles we rely upon for good posture and efficient movement patterns. When the core is strong, the frame of the body is supported, thus allowing the neck, shoulders, and other surrounding muscles and joints to relax.

Although the core is the focus for most movements in Pilates, it’s not the only body part to benefit from this type of workout. Hips, pelvis, glutes, back, shoulders and arms are all targeted during Pilates. In fact, Pilates is one of the best workouts for discovering muscles you weren’t even aware of (or haven’t been used effectively in years).

The fact that there are dozens of different styles of Pilates is testament to how adaptable the workout is to challenging different areas of the body, as well as achieving different fitness goals. To provide an example, we’ve recently introduced Barre Pilates classes at our Sheffield Pilates Studio, which is an amazing combination of ballet barre work, pilates and cardio.

Can Pilates help you lose weight?

Pilates is known for creating long, strong and lean muscles. Therefore, whilst it’s not a cardiovascular workout in the same sense as a spin class or a 20-minute run, it’s fantastic for improving muscle tone and restoring musculature balance, and thereby creating the posture that helps you look and feel extremely fit. Our clients often report that Pilates was the key to them achieving the shape they’ve been working towards for years.

Not only this, there are also adaptations to Pilates that can increase the number of calories burnt. Winsor Pilates, for example, which was started by a dancer who studied under a first-generation teacher, shares many aspects of Classical Pilates but differs in its focus on maintaining continuous movement, thus increasing the cardiovascular benefits and number of calories burnt.

Here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness we have several Cardio Pilates classes each week for those of you wanting to focus on losing weight as a goal.

How long does it take to see results from Pilates?

Combined with positive changes to your diet, you should start seeing benefits from Pilates in just a few sessions. This is the result of Pilates targeting and strengthening muscles that have often been left untrained for long periods of time. This is why so many of our clients are so surprised by how such a controlled workout can leave their muscles feeling so tired and sore the next day.

To continue seeing improvements and advancements in your Pilates practice, though, it is important that your instructor vary the movements used from week to week, and that the class is also small enough for your instructor to be able to provide you with individual feedback.

By offering dozens of different small group classes each week led by some exceptionally talented and experienced instructors, we are able to perfectly guide you upon the path to continually improving your Pilates practice.

What are the different styles of Pilates?

Here at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness, we have a huge number of different Pilates Classes each week — from Cardio Pilates and Power Pilates, to Barre Pilates and Improver Matwork Pilates. We are able to provide for all different types of abilities, situations and objectives. Importantly, our highly experienced instructors always make sure to incorporate different principles of pilates and yoga into the classes each week, making sure to keep the sessions up-to-date, varied and highly effective.

On top of this, the team of pilates instructors are overseen by an extremely well-respected and experienced women’s health specialist physiotherapist. Although the classes are by no means exclusively for women, this added level of experience and expertise can be of huge benefit to any ladies suffering from certain conditions where pilates is known to help manage, improve and remove symptoms, especially for anyone interested in completing 1:1 or 1:2 classes.

What to bring or wear to a Pilates class?

It is recommended that you wear clothes that are comfortable, easy to move in but not too baggy. All mats and small equipment (balls, bands, etc.) will be provided for you in our stunning Pilates studio, along with plenty of water if needed. Socks are optional.

Is there a minimum level of fitness required?

There is no minimum level of fitness required, and we can easily tailor the exercises to start at a level most suited to you – complete beginners are more than welcome. We would, however, recommend an initial assessment with a physiotherapist if you have any particular needs or concerns before undertaking any exercise. Alternatively, please speak to us first about any reservations you might have so that we can place you in the most appropriate pilates class.


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I am writing a thesis and spend hours on the computer so was referred by my Physiotherapist to attend Pilates. I love coming, you are friendly inclusive and accepting; I feel confident in your expertise and experience. The best result has been more flexibility, core strength and I am more knowledgeable about my own body.


I suffered a prolapsed disc 10 years ago and 18 months ago. Working with my physio, I find that I am able to work at my own level in a friendly atmosphere. It is good fun, whilst working hard. I have increased flexibility and a greater awareness of how to improve my back. My posture is also much better. I always feel a lot more flexible after each session and less stiff.


I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years and am having physiotherapy at present. I was recommended pilates by my Physio. I have really enjoyed finding out how inflexible and weak I am! Katie made the class enjoyable despite my short-comings. I now come weekly and little-by-little I am getting stronger and more flexible and it’s helping me manage my back pain a lot.


I came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness with pain down the right side of my leg, a tight back and shoulder following a bike crash. After 2x physio and one acupuncture treatments, I started pilates and find 2 sessions per week has shown a vast improvement. I now have minimal pain in the leg, improved strength, posture and core. I feel my physical and mental well-being has improved 10-fold which makes me smile.