Pilates & Yoga Packages

  • Do you want to reduce your aches & pains?
  • Learn how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor?
  • Do you want to become more flexible and improve your posture?

We provide small group classes and individual 1:1/2:1 sessions ensuring clients are given individual advice and hands on attention throughout the session. Our Pilates & Yoga team is led and overseen by a very experienced Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist, meaning the teaching is of the highest standard and it provides a safe but effective way to exercise.

Each week we incorporate the principles of Pilates and or Yoga into a different theme, keeping the sessions up to date, varied and highly effective. All the equipment is provided for you.

With over 55 classes to choose from, we offer a range of different packages to suit parents, shift workers, people who travel abroad a lot and those who want to come every week!

To come and meet the team and experience the classes for yourself, we invite you to a Free Pilates or Yoga taster class which are ran monthly at specific times. The class is designed to allow you to experience the amazing benefits Pilates and Yoga can have, but also meet the team and for us to meet you and advise which class and what level of teaching would be best suited to you.

To claim your FREE Pilates or Yoga taster class simply fill in the form below

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Some of our Success Stories

“I am writing a thesis and spend hours on the computer so was referred by my Physiotherapist to attend Pilates. I love coming, you are friendly inclusive and accepting I feel confident in your expertise and experience. The best result has been more flexibility, core strength and I am more knowledgeable about my body. ”


“I suffered a prolapsed disc 10 years ago and 18 months ago. We are able to work at our own level in a friendly atmosphere.

It is good fun, whilst working hard. I have increased flexibility and a greater awareness of how to improve my back. My posture is also much better. I always feel a lot more flexible after each session and less stiff.”


“I have suffered with a bad back for a number of years and am having Physiotherapy at present. I was recommended Pilates by my Physio.

I have really enjoyed finding out how inflexible and weak I am! Katie made the class enjoyable despite my short-comings.

I now come weekly and little by little I am getting stronger and more flexible and its helping me manage my back pain a lot.”


I came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness with pain down the right side of my leg, a tight back and shoulder following a bike crash.

After 2 x physio and one acupuncture I started Pilates and find 2 sessions per week has shown a vast improvement.

I now have minimal pain in the leg, improved strength, posture and core.

I feel my physical and mental well-being has improved 10 fold which makes me smile.


I came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness to improve my movement and build my stamina in order to keep up with the demands of working in an outdoor educational settings. I have experienced many benefits from my Pilates with Emily. I used to have an aching back after spending hours on my feet but that has disappeared altogether.

I am now enjoying jogging and interval training with Emily and find that I have much more energy. Thank you!

Penny T