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Here is How We Can Help You


I am I pain. I really need some help and relief.
Its stopping me from getting on with life and I need someone to tell me exactly what to do.


I have aches and pains. I need to take some more time for myself and look after myself more.


I am stiff and inflexible. I have aches and pains in my body and joints.
I can’t do the things I used to do and my flexibility and posture is getting worse.


My pelvic floor has never recovered or isn’t what it was. I am concerned it will get worse. I need help and advice from someone who knows what they are doing.


I am injured. I need to get to the bottom of what the problem is and get a treatment plan quickly, so I can return to playing sport or getting on with life.


Are you in pain? Feeling stressed & anxious? Tried everything else?

Acupuncture is an excellent way to help manage pain that has been there for a long time, or is related to feeling stressed and anxious.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

I am suffering with Lymphoedema and I want to get control of my symptoms.

I suffer from chronic sinusitis, migraines, congestion, bloating, chronic fatigue and would love to find a solution and feel better.

Here is What Our Clients Say

I came to Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness with a trapped nerve in my neck, torn tendons in shoulder, almost constant pain eased by quantities of codeine, paracetamol & amitryptiline.

I gad previously had to have cortisone injections for the relief too.After the first appointment i haven’t taken pain relief since i have started the exercise program supplied by Katie, I have occasional nerve pain, but Pilates have really made a difference on that too. Not being in pain has given me my life back my range of movement has improved and my confidence has improved so much.

I feel really good, and friends who i don’t see often have commented unprompted on the difference in me.


I came with back problems and osteoarthritis. The experience of working with the team at Katie Bell Physiotherapy & wellness has been positive and enjoyable with individual needs met in group situations as well as on 1:1 sessions.

The end result is that I have been able to walk normally and go up stairs easily and without pain. I feel greatly improved and the programme of daily exercises are becoming much easier and less painful.


The experience has been really positive and inclusive. Since starting Pilates I have had an immediate reduction in back pain. I feel much more mobile, taller and thinner now.


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To claim your free Physiotherapy consultation, simply click on the button below and enter your details.