As we approach the end of the year you may be starting to think about New Year’s resolutions or you may be putting things off and promising yourself you’ll do it in 2019! Whatever your reason for making New Year’s resolutions here are my tips for setting goals.

Put pen to paper and share share share …

You’re more likely to succeed (or try for longer) if you’re accountable to someone or something. If you share your goals with friends and family they become more real. And for me, I find writing things down really solidifies things. Take sharing to the extreme and sign up for Pilates or our running club with a friend!

Be realistic.

It’s fabulous to have an aim and reach for the stars! And, I encourage you to think big! But there’s no point in setting a goal that’s so far removed you’ll never be able to accomplish it (in 2019 anyway). So be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have or what fits with your values and beliefs. If you have your heart set on running 10 miles everyday but family time is a big deal to you, then you’re setting yourself up to fail or be exhausted. Break it down into manageable chunks and agree to run 5 miles three times a week, then midway through the year increase it (or before if you’re finding you can fit it in).

Be kind (to yourself).

Things change. It’s fine to change your goals as your lifestyle or circumstances change. So the goal you set now may not be as important to you in six months time, and that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you have failed. Just think about whether your goal is a long term or short term ‘project’ – you’re less likely to feel like a failure this way! I find putting review dates helps, so set a goal to drink two less cups of coffee a day and review it in three months time!?

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