Did you know that Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (DRAM) occurs in nearly all pregnancies?
So ladies, I have a few questions – if you answer yes to any of these it may be worth coming along to our DRAM session.

  • Have you noticed that your stomach doesn’t go flat?
  • Do you notice areas of doming or tenderness in your tummy after lifting or exercise?
  • Did you ever get your stomach muscles rehabilitated after pregnancy?
  • Do you notice leakage of urine or wind?
  • Have you lost your strength since abdominal surgery?
  • Have you got ongoing back pain?

Fear not! Even if your baby is no longer in arms you can still improve your diastasis, get stronger and reduce your risk of abdominal hernias.

But what is DRAM?

Our Women’s Health Specialist Emily blogged about ‘Mummy Tummy’ back in April. She explained the muscles of the trunk are multi layered, attaching to the spine at the back and Linear Alba (connective tissue sheath between your six-pack muscles) at the front then bordering onto the ribs and pelvis. DRAM is the gap created in these muscles. Some ladies won’t notice the gap when they are pregnant as their tummy is pulled tight under the pressure of a growing baby.  Commonly it’s seen as a peak or ridge with movement e.g. getting out of bed. Postnatally women report a small rounded tummy, bloating and loose skin. Women with a DRAM experience higher rate of incontinence, back pain and prolapse.

And finally! SIT UPS WON’T HELP!

On 17 November, our Emily and Simone will lead you through a two hour workshop to help you understand how to heal and recover your tummy gap. This will include an individual assessment and rehabilitative class built to improve the connection in your entire core. Contact the Client Care team on 0114 327 2080 or email hello@katiebellphysio.com to book your place.