It won’t come as a surprise that knees are a common site of injury in most sports and indeed daily life! Whatever your chosen sport, you may have experienced problems yourself or know someone who has and this understandably means worrying about time off the dance floor, pitch or track. KB has some advice so don’t be too hasty with hanging those trainers up just yet.

Knees only bend in one movement as opposed to a hip that is multi directional – thus twisting, side stepping or fast movements can make them vulnerable. 

Key to healthy knees

– Stretch your quads and hip flexors. Whats the difference? Hip flexors tend to curve the back and limit how far you can extend you hip making stepping forwards very difficult to coordinate, whilst tight quads can compress the knee cap.

– Happy hips = easy knees. Tight or weak hips affect the pelvis position in turn impacting the knees. Side leg lifts and the figure of 4 stretch are good for balancing the hip and reducing pressure of the bursa (the thin, lubricated cushions located at points of friction between a bone and the surrounding soft tissue) . KB demonstrates the stretch here:

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