‘Camels and Lemons’- our bodies consist of 60-70% water, our organs and bodily functions depend on it.  We know we should drink more water but why do I struggle to be consistent with this? At work I seem to be able to fit my fluids in but at home my day lacks routine and being a mum I’m not the priority. In my job I hear so often how hard it is to drink water.  I needed accountability and support. As a family we switched to water bottles- this way I knew when I finished my bottle I had drank 600ml. I bought myself a lovely BPA free Camelbak sealable bottle ready to go anywhere. The chlorophyll water supplement with its minty taste was the easiest aspect to incorporate into my lifestyle. I also started my day with warm water and lemon or fresh mint. This made it so much easier and motivating to achieve my fluid intake. Have you tried fresh flavoured water?