Lower back pain -what you can do to help!

Have you ever said “Ow, my back!” Well, you are not alone. If you were in a room of 100 people, 80 of those people will suffer from some sort of non specific back pain at some time in their life. But of those 80 people 60 are back to functioning as normal and pain free within 4 weeks.

If you have had back pain that has come on and lasted less than six weeks this would be classed as Acute Lower Back Pain. If it’s lasted longer than 6 weeks this is called Chronic Lower Back Pain.

Back pain can have various triggers.

Poor posture in sitting or standing

Lifting incorrectly

Weak muscles around the spine

Reduced levels of exercise



Back pain can be caused by more serious conditions, but this is very rare.

Back pain that is not caused by a specific condition like Ankylosing Spondylitis or Disc problems is classed as ‘Non Specific Back Pain’. It is non specific because it’s caused by structures in the back rather than a serious problem.

Non Specific Back Pain can cause a dull ache, sharp pain, stiffness, muscular spasm, sharp shooting pains and is nothing to worry about. (In fact worrying can make it worse!)

What you do during the first few days of getting back pain is vital and my FREE 5 step guide to reducing your back pain gives you 5 simple and easy steps to follow. Follow this link to download your FREE guide.


The back is a complex area of ligaments, muscles, bones, fascia, nerves and is continuously working hard to support the rest of the body. We are seeing more and more back pain, and this is due to people sitting for longer, not doing enough exercise, not eating the right foods, stress levels, not taking enough time for yourself, poor posture whilst sitting for hours and not getting adequate rest and sleep. Does this sound like you?

In my FREE 5 step guide to reducing your back pain, it shows you a morning stretch routine to follow which is quick and easy which will get you moving for the day and start the day in a better way. You can download it here.


You do not have to live with pain, there is always a reason for it, and many people who will help you reduce your pain quickly and get back you doing the things pain or stiffness are stopping you from achieving.

At Katie Bell Physiotherapy & Wellness we are experts at working with people who have Lower Back Pain. We first establish the cause, this is vital to make sure you don’t keep getting repeat episodes of this time and time again.

Then we will give you strategies to reduce your pain immediately.

We are goal focused throughout treatment and won’t stop until we have reached your goal (whatever that may be).

We provide hands on therapy including soft tissue work to help reduce muscles spasm and pain, will always provide you with a manageable exercise plan and postural checks and advice.

In the FREE 5 step guide to reducing your back pain we have several great offers for you so download it here to claim your FREE Physiotherapy session.


If you were suffering any of these symptoms your health professional would want to investigate this further and conduct some relevant tests.

A high temperature (fever)

Unexplained weight loss

Swelling or a new deformity to the spine

Loss of bladder or bowel control

Loss of sexual function

Numbness around genitals, back passage or buttocks

Constant unrelenting pain


The most important message to know is that you do not have to put up with being in pain. There are experts out there who can help.

By following this simple 5 step guide this will begin to get you on track to a healthier back.